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Text (Russian/English)

Recording vocals and instruments

Aligning Parts by Rhythm and Key

Finding Trendy Voices

Song, album, remix, music for advertising, games Full construction

Multi-channel analog mixing

Analog Mastering



Analog mixing

analog mastering

*only when remix pack is presented


digital mixing (Plugin inside DAW)

Analog mixing

(per-channel summation)

digital mastering

(plugin inside DAW)

Analog / iron mastering

Mixing by STEM groups + Mastering (Analogue)

Услуги студии
Mastering Logo FB.jpg




Metro 1905,

Street 1905 Goda 7 building 1


Monday - Saturday

12:00 - 22:00

Sunday is a day off


Mastering Logo.png


ADAM Audio Monitors, Aston Microphones Spirit, Bock 251, Neumann u 49, u 87, SSL Sigma (32 Channels), Battermaker Mastering Limiter, Mastering EQ, Mastering Compressor, SSL G-Bus, Universal Audio Apollo 16 x 2, Apollo Twin Duo, UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 11, LUNA,All UAD plugins, Overloud, Empirical Labs, Waves, FabFilter, Slate Digital, SoundToys, Plugin Alliance and more...



- Arrangement (standard) from 1000 EUR

- Arrangement (radio or club hit) from 1300 EUR.

- Official remix (club or radio) from 1800 EUR (only upon presentation

REMIX PACK and agreements on the transfer of related rights of music. remix producer).

- Words (Russian or English text) from 500 EUR.


- Ready song (standard) from 3000 EUR 

- MUSIC FOR SALE - 2000 EUR.  The music has already been mixed and mastered on analog equipment, all you need to do is record the vocals. The price includes a dive final of the recorded voice to the project. Recording services are paid separately!












- Music production (full cycle from arranging to analog mixing and analog mastering) - from 3000 EUR.

- Music for advertising (full cycle) - from 5000 EUR.

Zivert Style - 80s / Disco / Retro
00:00 / 03:10

Analog mixing

Professional analog mixing by lanes using summing class A+ device, included in the world top 10 the best -

32 channel British sound reference combiner SSL Sigma -

from 700 EUR to 1000 EUR

Professional digital mixing by track using high-quality plugins uad, ssl, plugin alliance, fabfilter, etc. 

- from 500 EUR.

- Mixing the finished backing track with a voice (analogue) - from 350 EUR.

- Mixing the finished backing track with a voice (digital) - from 300 EUR.

Technical requirements before sending the project:

1. Number and sign the names of each instrument

2. Disable all plugins on each channel, including the master section

3. Disable all effects (Reverb, Delay, etc.)

4. Write down all channels on tracks from point 0, preferably with a margin of silence in a couple of measures at the beginning and at the end of the song

5. WAV or AIFF format 24 bit / 44100 hz or 24 bit or 48000 hz 24 bit (depending on the source project format)

6. Attach your demo file for reference on effects

7. Attach 1-3 reference tracks to guide the final sound


Further, we recommend the service of analog or digital mastering to finalize the project. 

Analog Mixing by Group (Stem Mixing) & Mastering*

A type of mastering that masters multiple groups (stems) of audio tracks individually before combining them into the final master mix. This service is provided only on analog equipment!

You need to properly prepare the archive for sending:

1. When writing off groups, set a mark from 00:00 so that the groups can easily converge in time from the start; 

3. No need to turn off your processing from channels and groups;

4. You also do not need to turn off the effects (Reverb, Delay, etc.)

5. WAV or AIFF format 24 bit / 44100 hz or 24 bit or 48000 hz 24 bit (depends on the format of the source project)

Groups must have the following designation: 

0.(Name of your song) Your version (Original Mix).wav
1.(Name of your song) Kick.wav
2.(Name of your song) Drums.wav
3.(Name of your song) Bass.wav
4.(Name of your song) Synths.wav
5.(Name of your song) Guitars / Strings / Keys.wav

6.(Name of your song) Vocals.wav

7.(Name of your song) Back Vocals or Pads.wav
8.(Name of your song) FX.wav


*no more than 8 groups (one version) - from 350 EUR to 500 EUR.

Additional version with ready-made settings mixing or mastering*

An additional version of a track (mix) is considered and charged only if it is sent simultaneously with the main track. Otherwise, it is paid as mastering of a separate track.

(Instrumental, Acapella, Dub, Radio Edit, MFiT etc.)
*price for 1 version or format - 15 EUR.

Stereo mastering

Final processing of your tracks and preparing them for subsequent replication, placement on digital platforms or sound on radio, TV, use in video.


When sending us tracks, please follow the simple rules: 

- the track for mastering must be in .wav or .aif format (24 bit / 44100 hz or 48000 hz); 

- the output signal level should not exceed -7 dB; 

- all processing that you have on the master section must be DISABLED!

Mastering 1st stereo mix (analogue) - 90 EUR (up to 3 tracks)

Mastering 1st stereo mix (analogue) - 80 EUR (over 3 tracks)

Mastering 1st stereo mix (digital) - 75 EUR (up to 3 tracks)

Mastering 1st stereo mix (digital) - 65 EUR (over 3 tracks)

Studio rent with sound engineer

Voice recording, instruments, project work, consulting*  

*price for 1 hour - 95 EUR. (minimum rent for 2 hours)!

Book a studio with 50% prepayment! In case of cancellation, this amount is not refundable!

Microphones: Aston Microphones Spirit, Rode K2Neumann 49, Neumann 69,

clone Neumann 67, Bock Audio 251 Tube Condenser Microphone (Telefunken Elektroakustik).


Microphone preamps Universal Audio 6176 and Audient Mico.

PLagin Preamps: Helios Type 69 Preamp, SSL E Channel Strip, UA 610-A and B Tube Preamps, Century Tube Channel Strip, Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 E, 4000 G and 9000 J, 

V76 and U73.

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